Design Philosophy

What makes Kind Butterfly Designs so Unique?

Here at Kind Butterfly, we use a special method to design bracelets, which includes colours and numbers.

Instead of emphasizing the metaphysical properties of the stones used, we focus on the colour combinations and the number of sections, and number of beads within that section. 

Math is so much fun! It's even better with colours!

This method of design is called intuitive stone healing, and was created by founder, Kristy Leis. 

Just-4-2-day Bracelet

This style of bracelet is created with 4 sections of 5 beads, and separated with 4 stainless steel beads, one of which is engraved with our logo and little butterflies. 

Each bracelet has different combinations of stones, you may see certain stones repeated in designs, however, the same combination of 4 types of stones is never repeated.

This ensures that no one ever has the same bracelet as you! It also means that each combination is attractive to you based on the colour combination, and then when you find out the metaphysical properties of the stones, you may be impressed with the accuracy of your desires and the stones. 

The number of beads also determines the size. Just-4-2-day bracelets fit a size medium/large, and will be too big or too small for some wrists. They have in total 24 8mm beads which give about a size 7 in common bracelet sizing. 

Duality Bracelet 

This style of bracelet has 4 sections of 5 beads, each spaced with silver or rose gold hematite, and a stainless steel logo engraved bead. 

Duality is the principle of having two sides, similar to a coin, there are many topics in this world that have polar opposites, or dualities. Example; broke & wealthy, sky & earth. These dualities can keep us trapped which is why this bracelet is created with two sections of the same stone. 

It purposely reminds you that dualities can work together as combinations, and reminds you that you exist beyond the duality, in a dialectic way. Your existence is not dualistic. 

The use of spacer beads creates a smaller bracelet. The Duality bracelet fits a size small/medium and is better for smaller wrists. In total, there are 21 beads. Each spacer is the size of a quarter of a bead, which adds the equivalent of another 8mm bead into the bracelet. 

Lotus Charm Bracelets

 The lotus charm is the emblem of which was inspired by the similarities between stoic philosophy and Buddhist philosophies. 

The lotus represents personal growth and knowledge, and connects you with your inner wisdom. 

Each lotus charm bracelet focuses on different sections with the same beads. 

Each pattern outlined here is regarding one side of the bracelet. Where you see a full section is usually where the smaller sections intersect and the bracelet is tied.





Some patterns use different beads in the same sections for added intricacies and special designs. 

Earth Angel for example, combines different stones in small sections. 


The section 3 has varying stones in the same colour family

Section 4 has varying stones in the same or similar colour family. 

Other patterns include two stones alternating creating a 22 bead bracelet that fits a medium wrist comfortably. 

Special Designs 

Inner Creative Flow is designed to resemble a flower. 

Spirit of Colour is designed with genuine stones and finished with Chalcedony stones. 

1-4-5 makes this bracelet smaller than other designs. Totalling 20 beads which fits slightly smaller than the Duality Bracelets. 


Polka Dot Bracelets 

The combination of three accenting stones repeated throughout a bracelet is one of Kind Butterfly's signature styles! 

Featuring a 6mm stainless steel logo charm, and genuine stones in each combination. 

All designs are separated with 14k gold filled beads, or sterling silver which guarantee that the colour of the beads will last. If they fade take a polishing cloth and clean them gently to revamp the shine. 

Sizes are 7 sections of 3 beads repeated, with 7 smaller spacer beads creating a 21 bead bracelet that fits a medium wrist because of the 7 4mm spacers. 

Pride Rainbow Designs

Another pattern based design is the rainbow pride bracelet which uses one genuine stone, such as rose quartz or howlite with spacers around vibrant chalcedony beads in the colours of the rainbow. 

Rose Quartz is a light pink colour, and is designed with rose gold spacers, rose gold tag and has a more feminine vibe. 

Howlite is a white marble stone which is designed with sterling silver spacers, silver tag and more of a white/silver tone vibe. 

Other Designs

Other special designs are similar to the below polka dot design, however the logo tag is removed, and the pattern is 1-2-1-2 instead of 3-3-3 

These designs are more masculine, creating a certain vibe, and playing with different colours. 

Custom Energy Bracelets 

If you are interested in your own personal energy bracelet that is designed for you, the design philosophy uses your favourite colour, your lucky number, and what you're currently working toward in your life to design this. 

You also get to choose the logo bead, the lotus charm, or the logo tag in rose gold or silver and suggest a pattern which inspires you the most from the current available ones. 

Price is determined by the materials used, and you will pay after your bracelet is approved by you. 


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