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Kind Butterfly Designs

Awakened Heart Bracelet

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Awaken the Love Within You


The Awakened Heart bracelet features Citrine, Amazonite, amethyst, and White Jade. 

This healing gemstone bracelet has been specifically designed to help you live a more healthy and harmonious life through the power of gemstones.

Featuring beautiful healing gemstone beads and reiki infused crystal beads for added relief from pain.


Peace, love and harmony seem to be something that most people crave, but only the lucky few actually experience.

The love and passion you once had starts to wane over time as our lives become routine. It becomes harder to find peace or enjoy what we do because of stress and obligations that crowd out our happiness. This leads to self-loathing as we start to question if there is anything worth living for any more. We become unhappy and lost in a haze of emptiness and despair...

Awakened Heart brings your inner passions back to life! Featuring Citrine, Amazonite, amethyst, and White Jade to help remind you of love and peace within yourself, this bracelet is made with genuine gemstones for the ultimate quality. Personalized with a one of a kind lotus charm for extra style; wearing it will bring you inner peace again so you may finally feel alive.

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