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Lit Bead Healing Session

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Semi precious stones, crystals, and gems are often used in metaphysical healing to clear energy, anchor in intentions and assist in your journey towards your dreams. 

Lit Bead Healing includes a personal reading of your energy, a customized bracelet based on that reading, and a selenite wand to assist you in clearing your energy as you go through your transformation. 

Each bracelet is infused with Reiki Healing Energy which exists outside of time and space. Reiki  is a Japanese healing philosophy unattached from religious doctrine and functions similarly to The Force in Star Wars, as Rei means life, and Ki means Force or Energy

Together, the word Reiki means  Life Force Energy and is accessible to everyone. As a Reiki Master, the channel of Divine Energy is more accessible to me, and thus I channel this energy into the session, exchanging this energy with you, and into the bracelet. 

Bracelets are designed with the Intuitive Stone Healing method, based on colours, Chakras, and your own desires for healing. 

Similar to a Tarot reading, you are able to order a set of bracelets to increase the amount of healing energy around you, or only order one to see how it feels. 

All gemstones used are genuine. 

Add a stainless steel charm for extra dazzle. 

Size Guide: 

Women's x-small19 - 8mm beads or 6 inches diameter. 

Women's small 20 - 8mm beads or 6.5 inches diameter. 

Women's medium 22 - 8mm beads or 7 inches diameter.

Women's large 24 - 8mm beads or 7.5 inches diameter. 

Women's x-large 26 - 8mm beads or 8 inches diameter


Men's small 24 - 8mm beads or 7.5 inches diameter. 

Men's medium 26 - 8mm beads or 8 inches diameter. 

Men's large 28 - 8mm beads or 8.5 inches diameter. 

Men's x-large 30 - 8mm beads or 9 inches diameter. 

*for men's sizes, make sure to measure the width of your hand and account for the difference between hand and wrist size. 


DISCLAIMER I am not providing medical advice, legal advice, or any other professional service. All designs are copyrighted and owned by KCL Consulting & Design. 



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